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Lake Nakuru National Park

About Lake Nakuru National Park

The breathtaking Lake Nakuru National Park is a mecca for a plethora of birds, specifically the lesser flamingo. These fascinating birds, bright pink in color, stand on tall stilted legs and their knees bend backwards each time they take a step.

Enjoy a thrilling drive through the fascinating Rift Valley where the sight of a sweeping flamboyance of flamingos is an overwhelming attraction. A unique take on ‘pretty in pink’, spend some time observing these unique creatures.

Wading in picturesque Lake Nakuru these flamingos create a stunning spectacle as they take flight from the surface of the lake. 2.5 million gangly-legged, shockingly pink-feathered birds caught up in a powerful surge as they glide through the air in an enormous V formation.

These glamorous water birds require a very specific, highly specialized habitat and the population of the birds at the lake depends on the alkalinity. There is no guarantee that you will see the vast number of flamingos, as the majority of the birds feed and nest at the lake that offers the highest quantity of blue-green algae, cultivated by their own droppings, Based on seasonal rain variations, enormous numbers of flamingos migrate to other neighboring soda lakes in Kenya such as Bogoria and Natron for a brief stint.

The ideal time to observe these blush colored birds is during the dry-hot season in January and February. Even if you don’t see the magnificent flamingos, there are a myriad other wildlife that you will be able to view at the shoreline.